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Born and raised on the east side of Detroit. At an early age my father taught me the importance of participating in the election process. He also taught me to fight for what I believe in...which I have been doing since 1968 in regards to marijuana prohibition.

I have been the Treasurer for Michigan NORML since 2004 and served as Executive Secretary dually for 4 years. I am an original  member of "Mothers Against the Drug War-Michigan". I served on the Executive Committee of the Committee for a Safer Michigan as Petition Director. I am a Charter Member of My Compassion.  I am currently the Assistant Executive Director for Michigan NORML.

I have always been involved in the legalization of marijuana, but even more so since my husband's 2002 surgery replacing C2,3,4 and fusing C5,6 holding it all together with a titanium plate in his neck. This has left him with severe nerve damage, hot stabbing poker pains in neck and shoulder, tremors, seizures, etc. He also is suffering from sciatic nerve problems. He has been on oxycontin since his operation. At one time the neurologist had him on oxycontin, fentanyl patches, and neurotin all at the same time. Medical marijuana stops the tremors which the doctors told him to get used to cause they will be there for life. We have also been able to keep his dosage of oxycontin at three pills a day at 40mg. If it were not for medical marijuana my husband would be in la-la land dosed up on 120mg of oxycontin. At least he can live and enjoy his life now and not be in a catatonic state due to big pharma drugs.

One day we will get him off of oxycontin. That day will be closer when we have lawmakers that abide by the wishes of 63% of the electorate and allow the access to medical marijuana that was given to us by "we the people".

It's time to come out of the closet. Our Attorney General Bill Schuette does  not agree that 63% of you know what you are doing and that he knows better how to socially engineer society. He has viciously attacked the medical marijuana community even though the 63% of the voters in Michigan approved this law. His attacks on patients and caregivers has left us no other alternative but to ask for repeal of marijuana prohibition in Michigan to save our patients. Join me in helping to repeal this insane law.

- Christeen Klasky Landino

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